Build Software Faster.
No Stress Required.
Goodwork is not an app, it's a sensible style of work.
Adopting healthier work style enables your team to build
quality software without sacrificing mental health.
Why? Because your team deserves it.
Open source MIT Licensed.
Why Goodwork ?
Single source of truth. Replace the need for multiple apps.
Enable deep work by ensuring distraction free communication.
Know what's happening without asking. Forget status meeting.
Get insights on what features to build and when to ship.
Track progress of task and see who is stuck and needs help.
Know your team members current mental state & condition.
Technology behind Goodwork
Goodwork is built using popular robust open source technology that are battle tested and trusted by millions.
You can support Goodwork project to keep moving by becoming a sponsor on open
Core Members
Self Hosted
For teams who wants to maintain everything by themselves.
Managed Solution
Get your own individual hosted solution with full privacy of your data.